It doesn’t matter if your product is already live on Amazon, or if it's just an idea in your head, you can still...

Use This Secret “Unfair Competitive Advantage” to Make Money on Amazon...

From the desk of Neil Asher

What I’m about to tell you may change the way you think about me... 

Y’see I think I may have given you the wrong impression of me, I’m generally a good guy, take my kids to school, weekend barbies and Friday night date night with my wife Tash.


In business I’ll do anything to get an advantage…

The billionaire Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal says “anyone who says competition is a good thing is an idiot”

One of my old mentors a wily old deal maker from Melbourne, told me to look for the advantage in business then make as much money as possible for as long as you can from it.

Now I’m not suggesting you do anything unethical or illegal, but if there’s a way to gain a unique market advantage that your competition has not seen or worked out yet, you’d want to know about it wouldn’t you?

OK good, 

Because that’s the same situation I found myself in a month ago.

Damesh (not his real name) was a coder that we used at ROARlocal from time to time. He’s one of a dozen or so coders that we work with to do high level work for some of our clients, specifically Virgin™.

Damesh works full time for a big software company in India and he moonlights doing freelance work on weekends and some evenings.

Recently I had a conversation with Damesh and he casually mentioned that he’d been working on a project for a company called A9, A9 just so happens to be owned by Amazon…

Not only that, A9 is the software company that DESIGNED the search engine that Amazon uses!

Let me say that a different way for you, the Amazon search engine controls BILLIONS of dollars of transactions, if the search engine puts your product at the top of the search you’ll make tens of thousands of dollars a month!

A9 wrote the code for THAT search engine, so if anyone knows how to make your product rank in the coveted cashola creating top spot, A9 does.

My heart rate picked up

My palms grew sweaty

I was aware that I’d started to breathe faster… “Damesh, what work were you doing for A9?”

“Well Mr Neil, A9 has licensed its search engine to Marks and Spencers in the UK and I was doing the integration of the search engine on the Marks and Spencers website”

My eye begun to twitch, I could feel the excitement in my body and tried to hide it in my voice, “Oh that sounds fun, does A9 give you a developer manual to help?”

“No Mr Neil, there’s no need to, they give us access to the source code”


I wasn’t sure if I’d said that out loud or in my head so I stayed silent for a second to see if Damesh heard me… he hadn’t.

“Damesh, you know we have a large job coming up for a new client of ours, perhaps you’d like some extra work”

“Oh yes Mr Neil, I’d like some extra work”

“Could I ask a favor in return for giving you all the extra work I have?”

And with that I’d crossed the line and bribed Damesh

7 Days Later My Team and I Were Looking At The Source Code For The Amazon Search Engine

Imagine you’re looking for treasure, you know that this treasure exists and that once you find the treasure and open the chest up untold riches will be yours, that’s what getting the source code for the Amazon search means.

When I say “source code” I want you to think “recipe”, what’s the recipe to make money on Amazon?

I’ll show you.

I used to be a chef so I understand the value of a great recipe, using Amazon’s search engine source code, I’ll guide you step by step to Amazon SEO success.

The system that we’ve put together is the masterplan to making money on Amazon, anyone with these secrets has the map they need to succeed.

Got a lot of competitors in your niche?

No problem

Need To Make Money Fast? I’ve Got You Covered

Big claims I know, but I’ve never been more proud or excited than am I today to share this cashola creating information with you. 

It’s the be all and end all of Amazon SEO

Let me download this information into you so you can join the privileged ranks of those in the know.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll walk away with when you become a ROARlocal Amazon SEO Expert

  • Where to place an advert for your product that’s guaranteed to get you sales with ZERO competition
  • The one ad you MUST run on Google and how to get it for free
  • How much more money would you make if your product had the coveted top spot on Amazon? The answer will surprise you and delight your bank manager
  • What is the optimum length of a SEO keyword? When is shorter better than longer, Amazon tells you exactly where to look and what to do… if you know where to look
  • What’s the fastest way to go from page 2 of the search results to page 1? I’ll show you how to get on page 1 and into the money in just 3 hours
  • In what order should you put your words should it be product name first or last? I’ll show you the exact way to maximize your success
  • 9 out of 10 copywriters hate me…. why? I’ll show you in module 15

Ok let's stop there and take a breath.... If that is all this Amazon SEO Success training program contained I'm sure you'd be happy, but, I want you to be delighted!

So I'm also going to show you; 

  • Why 99% of people get their product description all wrong, they screw it up because they’re focusing on the 1 thing that doesn’t matter… do you?
  • We paid 100 people to shop on Amazon for us, we watched what the did, how they did it and the results will shock you
  • You may not realize this but Amazon is not owned by Jeff Bezos… in module 16 I’ll show you the real owner and how he rewards you with more sales for doing this 1 thing and only that 1 thing
  • Amazon prioritizes 5 things when it comes to SEO, I’ll show you what they are and how to get them right
  • A dirty little SEO secret Amazon hopes you never find out!
  • 9 ways most people get it wrong on Amazon and how to get it right instead
  • The 7-step formula that any non techie person can use that is 100 times more potent than the best SEO agency!
  • How to use Amazon’s competitors against Amazon to create a perfect storm of sales and profits

Now don't get me wrong the ONLY reason we're able to reveal this cutting edge information to you is Damesh, the credit has to go to him, at least in part. 

Damesh did not realize what he was sitting on, for you and me, this is a GOLD MINE of money making information!

But don't feel bad for Damesh, he's been handsomely paid for his "trouble" to the tune of a $20,000 website contract for ROARloal so he's a happy chappy!

For you and I though, $20,000 is chump change for what this information is worth to us, secrets like;

  • Is there a perfect time to make sales? Yes, yes there is, I’ll show you when
  • How do you "win the buy box"? Most people compete on price, Amazon wants you to do something else instead 
  • How to do keyword research like a pro, want to uncover hidden gems to sell on Amazon? Simply follow my step by step guide
  • There is a place where you’ll have virtually ZERO competition, where some products that use this strategy are making $40,000 a month! Where is it? I’ll show you in module 22
  • On Google they say SEO is dead, but i’ll show you a simple 3 minute a day strategy that could bring you more sales from Google than Amazon… think it’s expensive Google ads? Think again, it’s free!

OK I've saved the best till last!

Based on the Amazon search engine source code, we've also been able to reverse engineer a whole host of Amazon product listings that we know are making over $50k a month.

These products are closely guarded by their owners who naturally do NOT want us sniffing around so we can replicate that $50K a month ourselves.

But just like Sherlock Holmes it's elementary when you know how to look, so as a bonus you'll also get;

  • 5 keywords that anyone can use, but no one does, that make 8 times more money than the other traditional keywords other Amazon sellers use
  • “Optimized Amazon keywords” what they are, what they do, why they double sales and how to do them
  • Is there an easy way to do less work, make more money and get better SEO results from Amazon? Yes, yes there is, there’s a button to press in Amazon that will give you all this
  • What to do when your product just ISN’T selling (this happens 80% of the time), follow the step by step plan for your “diagnosis”…
  • A simple way to get Amazon to email it's customers about your product, use this and Amazon will do your marketing for you! 
  • Want to build brand name recognition on Amazon? I'll show you how to do it without the million dollar ad budget  

As you can see, there’s everything you need to become an expert included in this course.  

No question has been left unanswered. I’ve carefully designed each of the 21 modules in this program to give you the best real-world advice and information at every step of the process.

And, on top of that — you’ll be able to learn all the techniques and strategies at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Whether you want to access this course at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m, you’ll be able to because the entire course is available online, immediately.

In Just A Few Weeks, You Can Be On The Way To Earning A Great Income With SEO!

As of right now, this is cutting edge.

No one and I mean, NO ONE has got access to this information at this level.

You’ll get a unique “unfair” advantage that other Amazon entrepreneurs would kill for, indeed knowing this will put you ahead of everyone on Amazon other than the guys that wrote the code!

Ethically I’m not sure how you feel about getting such an advantage… I can tell you that your competition does not give a rats ass about the ethics of this, they’d apply it faster than a seagull eats chips at Bondi Beach!

You’re going to get a golden ticket into the inner sanctum of Amazon, if you just chose to focus on helping other Amazon sellers optimize their listings you’d be charging the same $1000 that ROARlocal charges

I hope that you apply this information AND you also use it to make some fast cash from consulting

Thinking of selling on ebay, Alibaba or AliExpress? This works just as well on those websites as it does on Amazon 

Look, I’ve laid everything out for you step by step in this plug and play, ROARlocal Amazon SEO success course, finally no more struggling, all you need to do is plug this in and watch the dollars come in!

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how much this profit making information is, right?

Before I tell you the price for this game changing course I want to tell you a quick story.

Most people don't know this but I used to be a chef making £4.50 an hour.

I worked for many of the best chefs in the world including Marco Pierre White (creative genius), Gordon Ramsy (total arsehole), Raymond Blanc (best taste buds in the world) and Heston Blumenthal (brilliant teacher)

I worked 16 hour days 6 days a week and often slept on the floor in the kitchen along with the rest of the people in our team.

People often ask me why I put up with that.

I tell them I did it because I loved it, those days were some of the greatest in my life, sure they were tough but what they gave me was priceless.

After working for those people and getting paid next to nothing I could walk into any kitchen and be the best, I could dictate my own salary and terms.

It gave me

The Power To Own The Game

That's what I want to give you, I want to give you the power to dominate in your niche.

To be the guy or gal that everyone else wants to be.

To be the best in your niche.

And because I know what it feels like to not have that power I want to make this very affordable for you too.

Normally to get access to this kind of information you'd have to take ROARlocal to do the work for you on our $5000 per month programme with a 12 month commitment.

That's $60,000.00 a year.

However because you’re an Aussie Online Entrepreneur and you’ve already demonstrated your committed to being the best you can be. I want to give you this incredible advantage online at a price that you’ll be able to get a very fast return on your investment just $497

Which I'm sure you'll agree is bloody good value.

Or you can choose to invest in 3 simple monthly instalments of just $197 if you prefer, either way if you use just 1/10 of the step by step plans I have for you, you’ll be laughing all the way to the Amazon bank! 

Just $497 SAVE $100!


Because I'm so sure that what I'm going to show you will change your business life I'm going to offer you a very unique guarantee.


You have a full 30 days (enough time to go through the entire training) to see if my Amazon SEO Success program is right for you.

If you determine that it isn’t, just let me know and I’ll gladly refund all your money. No hassles. No hard feelings. You know how I roll, I’m upfront, transparent and approachable.

Plus I’ll let you keep the PDF’s of all the slides as my gift for checking it out!

There are 21 modules in total so you’ll get all 21 PDF’s of the powerpoint slides, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it!

So your worst case scenario is this; you’ll learn all these secrets for free and keep all the PDF’s to remind you how to apply it!

But even if you go beyond the 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee period you're still protected by Guarantee #2...


This is crucial so pay attention: 

Go through all the ROARlocal SEO Success program and follow the simple step by step instructions and If by the end of 90 days you haven’t tripled the amount of traffic coming into your business, let me know and I’ll personally work with you for an additional 90 days.

I'll not only give you access to my private email address, I'll also allow you to schedule one-on-one calls with me if necessary.

---> don’t have your product ready to go yet? <---

---> then that 90 day guarantee starts from the day you do <---

How's that for putting my time & money where my mouth is?

That's how serious I am about wanting you to succeed, and that's also how confident I am that the ROARlocal Amazon SEO Success system really works!

As I said earlier if you're ready for success then I want you to have the most up to date, cutting edge profit making information available anywhere, our policy is no man (or woman) left standing.

We work together to help everyone get success, I'm here for you 100% to make sure you apply what I'm going to show you, let me personally mentor you to Amazon SEO Success…. but you need to act fast...


I can't stress just how time-sensitive this really is...

I’d say you have 12 months head start before all the other Amazon sellers start to figure this out, after that you’ll lose your advantage.

If You Apply This Now, You’ll Own The Top Money Making Position

If your product is not ready yet, I’ve got your back, there’s things you can be doing now ready for when your product is ready, getting started now means you’ll have a head start when you go live.

Now is the time to take the first step towards your Amazon SEO Success!

I’m delighted to share this profit creating information with you and I know you’ll be thrilled at the advantage this gives you on Amazon!

Let today be the day you take control of your future, kick butt on Amazon, live a life of freedom and embrace adventure in your life!!

You have everything you need to make your life changing decision…

Now it’s time to make it. 

I hope you’ll join me.


Neil Asher

Founder The Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

P.S. If you don’t decide to learn this and give yourself an advantage, then you have made the decision to stay exactly where you are and keep doing what you’ve been doing. (You see, people don’t realise there is never a time we don’t make a decision.) I hope you decide to change that.

P.P.S. Imagine where you’ll be in 6 months or even a year's time if you decide not to learn this. Will your financial situation be any better, will you have the financial freedom to do what you love doing, or even have the financial security you need in the future? Will you think back to the day you read this letter and wonder “What if?” It’s a well-known fact that people mostly regret what they don’t do… not what they did do. Please don’t do that to yourself!